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Sustainability @ Luminox

"At Luminox we believe that sustainability is a matter of respect for our planet, our customers, our partners and the generations to come. For decades we have practiced responsible use of resources, looking for eco-friendly solutions and alternative materials. With our track record, we decrease continuously and step by step our ecological footprint. We wish that other watch manufacturers follow our example to support the next generations."

André Bernheim, co-owner and chairman of the board of directors and environmental manager of the group

How we drive change


Sustainability @ Mondaine Group

André Bernheim, (Chairman and CSO - Chief Sustainability Officer) provides a summary of Mondaine Group Ltd.'s sustainability performance, providing insights into the efforts of the past five decades and an outlook on future goals for the company.

You can find more details here in the comprehensive sustainability report.

We understand that not everyone is familiar with all the terms used in the sustainability report, so we have created a glossary for you, which you can find here .


First CO2 neutral watch company

Mondaine Watch Ltd. is one of the first completely climate-neutral watch manufacturers in the world. This is a significant achievement for the family-run SME founded in 1951.

Mondaine Watch Ltd. has been striving to reduce its own ecological footprint for several decades. In 2020, our entire group of companies achieved comprehensive CO2 neutrality for the first time.

The photovoltaic system on the factory roof, the use of hydroelectric power at the headquarters, the reduction of volume and weight of the packaging and the use of more environmentally friendly materials for packaging, cases and wristbands have all had a positive impact on our carbon footprint.

Go for Impact

The importance of sustainable supply chains is constantly increasing.

Therefore, in this short video by Go for Impact , the co-owner of the Mondaine Group, André Bernheim, explains the challenges that a Swiss SME has to face. It's not about finding the perfect solution, it's about how to proceed: improvements are made step by step. Ultimately, these also bring economic advantages and help to secure supply chains.


Recycling & sustainable packaging

Corporate sustainability as well as ecological and social responsibility have been an integral part of the Mondaine Group's corporate philosophy for decades.

Materials such as waste paper, cardboard, batteries, PET bottles, plastic and production waste such as steel or electrical parts have been consistently separated, collected and recycled for decades.

Some Mondaine watches have switched to over 50% smaller and lighter packaging made from recycled PET and all printing paper used is sourced from sustainable forests and is FSC certified.


Our solar installation

Since September 2019, the Mondaine Group has been operating a photovoltaic system on the roof of its own plant in Biberist, Switzerland.

The electricity generated from solar energy covers up to 80% of the total annual requirement, the remaining amount of energy is covered by green electricity from a hydroelectric power station.

In this way, Mondaine saves around 77 tons of CO2 emissions every year.


#tide X Luminox

We have redesigned our production processes in collaboration with #tide, a Swiss company that invented the 100% ocean plastic #tide ocean material®. On five islands in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand, local fishermen are being trained and paid to collect and sort plastic waste from the sea. In the next step, the collected plastic waste is broken down into its basic components in a sophisticated and sustainable process. The recycled plastic is treated, cleaned and finally shredded so that it can be molded like the original plastic it was made of.

In this way, Luminox reuses this material, reducing the impact on the planet and helping to clean up the ocean, while at the same time helping local people learn a new skill and generate a steady income.

Discover our #tide ECO series .

Bear Grylls Eco Series X Luminox

The Bear Grylls Survival ECO Series is made from #tide material, a 100% ocean-recycled plastic! A real statement for clean oceans and a sustainable lifestyle.

"We take pride in protecting our ocean and our planet." - Bear Grylls

We support impactful projects


Fair ventures worldwide

At the beginning of the new decade, Mondaine embarked on a multi-year collaboration with the non-profit organization Fairventures. The NGO is committed to the socially responsible reforestation of the rainforest in endangered areas, such as on the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo.

In spring 2020, Mondaine launched special WE CARE models from the Mondaine essence line. For every model of what is probably the most ecological wristwatch in the world that is sold, CHF 20 goes directly to Fairventures.

The progress of the reforestation project can be followed on an interactive map on the NGO's website. The area reforested by Mondaine is marked with the "Mondaine" label.

We choose to be transparent


Check our Sustainability Report