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Automatic Sport Timer

42 mm, Sport Watch
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This extraordinary bronze Automatic Sport Timer is limited to 688 pieces worldwide. It combines an automatic movement with an elegant vintage look. A stunning sunray dial displaying a day date is surrounded by a matching blue bezel ring, coated in ceramic. The limited edition comes as a set with both a brown leather strap and an additional navy-blue cut-to-fit strap, adorned with an IP bronze signature buckle. The two different straps allow for a more sportive and a more elegant look creating great versatility for the wearer. Bronze is a combination of copper which symbolizes luck and tin which represents durability. Perfect for the outdoor explorer.

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About Automatic Sport Timer

Luminox continues to celebrate its long heritage by reintroducing one of the brand’s most important watches, in an automatic version. The Automatic Sport Timer heralds all that the brand stands for – toughness, versatility, performance -- in a very attractive, vintage-inspired package. The first version, the Sport Timer 1540 series, was introduced in the 1990s and was one of the most important watches for the fledgling brand. With this wrist watch, Luminox honors the past while still focusing resolutely on the future.